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Single Ingredient Horse & Dog Treats

At Savanna's Sweet Horse & Dog Treats, we know your equine and K-9s are family members – that’s why we believe they deserve the best.


We offer healthy treats that your horse and dog will love! Our food is ethically-sourced, nutritious, and healthy. Savanna's Sweet Horse and Dog treats provides your animals highest-quality tasty treats.

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Dalmatian Dog


Many times, when we think of treats for horses we think of apples and carrots. But sometimes you don’t have immediate access to apples and carrots at equine events. Oftentimes, at those events, if you want to give a horse a treat, you must go to a vendor or retail shop to purchase it, but that can get costly.


Our mission is to provide delicious, top quality, equine and K-9 treats. We promise your pet will love our delicious products – at horse shows we offer samples so you can try the product before you buy it. 


We promise your pet will get the healthiest food available. Savanna's Sweet Horse Treats provide customers with healthy treats for both your equine and K9's. Single ingredient items include dehydrated sweet potatoes, dehydrated carrots, dehydrated chicken, freeze dried beef and chicken livers.  


We also have seasonal sweet treats custom designed for horses such as - Horse Treat Pops, Donuts, and Cannoli. These item can be heat sensitive so we limit them during summer months. 


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Cruiser expects his Savanna's Sweet Horse Treats after his last class of the day! He loves his sweet treats!! Thanks fo healthy, affordable treats. He loves them

S. Stark

My dog Major loved the Dehydrated chicken breast and sweet potatoes.

The horses of Wilmington College loved all the sweet treats especially the cannoli's and sweet potatoes.  

E. Rinehart

Our boy Frank wouldn't eat anything but grass for treats when we got him. Savanna's treats help pull him out of his shell. Even though he would not eat apples, he loved every one of Savanna's treats that we gave him. 

S. Kelly

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