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Updated: May 7, 2022

The Company provides customers with healthy and affordable treats for their horses and ponies. Single-ingredient items include Dehydrated sweet potatoes and dehydrated carrots. Custom treats have fun unique designs aimed at attracting people and the horses and dogs they love; the horse treat pops were created to emulate cake pops. Their sweet-smelling aroma and unique design get customers and horses excited. The current products are:

• Horse Treat Pop & Pony Treat Pop

• Horse Treat Pop bag

• Donut (Horse)

• Cannoli (Horse)

• Horse Pill Pouch

• Horse Cookies (various sizes)

• Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes

• Dehydrated Carrots

• Dehydrated Chicken breast (Dogs)

• Freeze Dried Beef Livers (Dogs)

• Freeze Dried Chicken Livers (Dogs)

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