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Savanna's Sweet Horse Treats Overview

Updated: May 7, 2022

Many times, when we think of treats for horses we think of apples and carrots. But most people don’t have immediate access to apples and carrots at equine events, for many reasons.

At horse show events, if you want to give a horse a treat, you must go to a vendor or retail shop to purchase it, but that can get costly. This was the problem that Savanna saw during a horse show. Her friend won first prize at a horse show and received a $10 voucher to purchase something from the on site retail shop. The little girl wanted to buy treats for her horse, but the treats were three times the price of the voucher. After her big success, she had to walk away disappointed.

The look on that Savanna's friends face led Savanna to create affordable treats for horses and ponies. She created a signature treat and called them horse treat pops. Her core product, horse treat pops were such a success that she decided to turn them into a business.

Savanna’s Sweet Horse Treats, The Company, is a startup (August 2021) with a proven concept that sells a variety of healthy horse and dog treats for horses, ponies, and dogs that are affordable to all budgets. The Company’s mission is to provide delicious, top quality, equine and dog treats.

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